New Covenant Bible Fellowship

A New Covenant Reformed Baptist Church

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About NCBF

New Covenant Bible Fellowship (NCBF) started as the result of a church plant in August 2000. We are an informal family of believers who meet in Gilbert, Arizona. We are Reformed in that we hold to the Doctrines of Grace and the Five Points of Calvinism. We also practice believer's baptism, and we teach from the point of view of New Covenant Theology.

Sunday Meetings

We meet each Sunday at 9:30am (MST) at the Gilbert Southeast Regional Library located on the Southeast Corner of Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads in Gilbert, Arizona.

Live Broadcasts

We broadcast our sermons each week to SermonAudio, YouTube, and Facebook at 10:30-11:00am (MST). Following the service, the sermon portion will be uploaded to our SermonAudio and YouTube pages.


Geoff Volker

Geoff Volker

Elder, Director of In-Depth Studies

Paul Honeycutt

Paul Honeycutt

Elder, Ministry Director

Jason Bearce

Jason Bearce



NCBF Constitution

The NCBF Church Constitution outlines the founding principals of the this church. It contains our purpose, rules of governance, requirements for membership, and a statement on church discipline.

Confession of Faith

The Elders of NCBF have authored a document outlining our theological point of view called the New Covenant Confession of Faith. For a more comprehensive look at our theology, please visit the In-Depth Studies website.

Missions We Support

New Covenant Bible Fellowship financially supports foreign missions, church planting, and evangelism in Minsk, Belarus, Slonim, Belarus, and Prague, in the Czech Republic. In addition, we have our own “home grown” theological outreach called In-Depth Studies.

Vladimir Bukanov

Vladimir Bukanov

Vladimir Bukanov is the pastor of The Church on the Hill of Gatava, Belarus. Gatava is located on the outskirts of Minsk. The church in Gatava is involved in church planting, evangelism and the equipping of the saints for ministry.

Pavel and Klara Steiger

Pavel and Klara Steiger

Pavel and Klara Steiger operate several ministries in the Czech Republic. They operate online publications, Christian article and book translations, as well as planting churches. They are currently supported by the Reach Beyond ministry for their Czech and Slovak ministries.

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